About Hunter Ageing Alliance

Hunter Ageing Alliance (HAA) is a new, citizen-formed group that is asking Government, business and organisational leaders to join them to better focus on the needs of older people.  


Inspired by the decades we can look forward to beyond the age of 70, the Hunter Ageing Alliance will lead the transformation of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie into age-friendly communities.

Founding members
  • Dr John Ward, Geriatrician
  • Viv Allanson, CEO Maroba Aged Care Facility
  • Professor Julie Byles, Global Innovation Chair in Responsive Transitions in Health and Ageing, University of Newcastle
  • Catherine Henry, Elder Lawyer and advocate.

Age-friendly communities mean that planning takes the needs of older people into account, recognising that older people have the same desire to remain physically, intellectually, and socially active as younger people. This requires environmental adaptation, appropriate housing at all levels of affordability, easy access to information about services and facilities for older people, protection from elder abuse, health care services appropriate to the needs of older people and support for socially isolated people to ensure their physical and psychological well-being.

Strategic Direction

Our ultimate goal is to register Newcastle and Lake Macquarie within the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.

To this end, the coalition of stakeholders and community representatives that are the membership of the HAA will work with all levels of government, statutory authorities, and NGOs on:

  • The environment – including public spaces, transport, and access for people with disabilities
  • Appropriate housing – Including social housing, communal housing, and emergency housing
  • Elder abuse – awareness, assessment, and prevention
  • Health services – particularly the assessment and management of dementia and chronic diseases
  • Social isolation – securely identify isolated older people and provide for their physical and psychological well-being
  • Ageing and aged care services information – ensuring accessibility
  • End-of-life legal planning and health care – ensuring availability to all.

We will ensure that all programs have measurable outcomes.

We believe that the above programs would make Newcastle and Lake Macquarie into communities which older people would be attracted to live or visit as tourists. Creating significant economic and social opportunities for the Hunter, as well as benefiting our older population.

Show your commitment

We urge you to sign this commitment to better plan to support older people. You can join us as an individual and as an organisation.

I will play my part in making our region an age-friendly community with a view to joining the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.