Looking Back and Planning forward

Aged and Community service providers and care recipients have certainly been through the eye of the Tornado for over two years with Fires, Floods, Hurricanes and a Pandemic with several waves and more to come. Throughout the Royal Commission hearings, it was made very clear that Aged Care was already under duress with Chronic underfunding and serious workforce challenges. The perfect storm has not let up, further breaking the system of care delivery in this Nation. Politicians have turned their backs on Older Australians and continue to raise expectations for consumers with no funding to make our societal aspirations a reality.

Yes, it is gloom and doom, yet I prefer to Plan forward! Every aged care provider, both residential and community care, needs YOU…our communities of ordinary citizens, to stand with us if we are to plan a preferred future for our elders. A future that we all want to put our names to, a future that we would be proud of, a future that we would not fear when the day comes to enlist support for those we love.

Is this even possible… I remain optimistic as we have a once in a generation opportunity to change how this nation, its leaders and its citizens value ….truly value… older Australians. Past events and resulting care outcomes have proven what providers have been saying for two decades, that the Aged Care system is disgracefully underfunded, but we are now in an election cycle where the voters are genuinely concerned about the future for an Ageing Australia.

To plan a robust future, we need you to be on the front line as we demand real generational change… not tweaking at the edges or throwing even more money at the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to maintain the lowest form of fear-driven compliance. Your voice will make a difference, Align yourself with the Hunter Ageing Alliance and help us help you by amplifying our message to all levels of government. Write to your local member about Aged and Community Care issues and how they will be funded. Demand funding that will realise the aspirations of all Older Australians to be respected and provided with care and lifestyle programs that would make their hearts sing, no matter where they reside.

In planning forward, as a provider, I can plan for a bright future where our citizens really do value older people, or I can plan for a less desirable future that reflects how society doesn’t value those in my care. How would you like me to plan… it really is in your hands because how the aged care system is funded will determine what that plan looks like.

I urge you… it’s time for a change, and YOU can be the difference-maker. Now go and be that person!

I hope to see you on the front line as we get this done together.

Viv Allanson, CEO Maroba Aged Care Facility